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School Dress Code 2016 – 2017

Carden School Uniform | Dress Code

General Purpose

“To realize that the goal of living is not the amassing of money or possessions, but the attainment of the desires of the heart.” Mae Carden

Keeping in mind that Carden Academy is our students’ place of business, we have established a dress code that gives our students a traditional appearance and which is free from distractions, comparisons, and rivalries of the current fashion trends.

Our Carden Academy students wear school uniforms to demonstrate pride in our school’s focus on academic achievement and character, both inside our school and during our student learning experiences in the greater Maui community.

Carden Academy attire may not be altered.

Elementary School Dress Code Guidelines:
1. White or navy Carden Academy polo shirt
2. White or navy Carden Academy T-shirt
3. White or navy Carden Academy long sleeve shirts
4. Khaki or navy skort or skirt (girls)
5. Khaki or navy shorts (walking short or fingertip length)
6. Khaki or navy pants (no denim, jegging, or tight styles)
7. Plain, solid colored socks
8. Two outerwear choices (Carden wear only):
• Zippered windbreaker
• Hooded sweatshirt

Middle School Dress Code Guidelines:
1. Tops- Carden uniform T-shirts and polos
2. Bottoms- Solid colored jeans, pants, shorts, skorts may be worn on all days. (NO board shorts, athletic shorts, designs/logos/lace, ripped/torn/distressed, jeggings/leggings, not excessively tight or baggy).
3. Outerwear- Carden choices as above
4. Socks- any color and length
5. PE uniforms consisting of PE shirts and plain, solid colored athletic shorts or sweatpants (with no logos)
6. There will be one free dress day a week, which will include non-uniform outerwear. The day will be announced at the beginning of the school year. Please see guidelines below.

There are occasional Free Dress Days throughout the year (and once a week for Middle School each TUESDAY during the 2015-16 school year). Please note that shirts, bottoms, and outerwear must not be excessively short, tight, baggy, or revealing. No midriff should show at any time (front, back, or side). All clothing should be void of large logos, or any logo for alcohol or tobacco products. All clothing must be in good repair. All bottoms must be at least “fingertip length”.

Footwear must be closed-toe, athletic shoes that are comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day from classroom to outdoor play. Students will not be allowed to participate in P.E. or recess if they do not have closed-toe, athletic shoes.

Hats will be allowed before and after school, as well as during P.E. and recess. Hats may not be worn indoors.

Hair color must be of a natural color. Students’ hair should have a tidy, well-groomed appearance. Bangs must not hang in students’ eyes. Mohawks or other extreme hairstyles are not permitted.

If hair accessories appear to be a safety hazard, we will request that the student remove them. Likewise, if hair accessories become a distraction, they will be removed and placed in the student’s backpack or kept in the office for parent pick-up.

No make-up should be worn beyond chapstick or clear lip-gloss. No tattoos (permanent or temporary). Subtle/natural make-up for middle school students is allowed at the discretion of the staff.

Small post or small hoop earrings are acceptable. If earrings are dangling, students will be asked to remove them and they will be placed in the student’s backpack or kept in the office for parent pick-up. Necklaces and pendants must not be oversized or distracting. Wristwatches and bracelets may be worn provided they do not become a distraction.

It is important to label all personal belongings, especially clothing. The child’s first initial and last name are sufficient.

Casual Dress Days and Spirit Days
All exceptions to the dress code will be described in a Monday Memo prior to the applicable day. All other dress code guidelines must be met.

Non-Compliance to Dress Code
School staff may use discretion and deem an article of clothing, jewelry, or hairstyle inappropriate. Student and/or parent will need to rectify the matter. Further consequences and disciplinary action may be taken as outlined in the School Handbook; Carden Academy reserves the right to suspend or expel students who refuse to comply with the school’s dress code.


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