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Carden Academy | Letter from our Director | Nina Sato | Maui School Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Carden Academy of Maui, the only school on Maui using the Carden curriculum. We currently offer classes for children in Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Carden Academy offers a classical education using unique tools, approaches, and sequences. The Carden Method is a comprehensive language arts program that integrates phonics, spelling, grammar, reading, and writing using an approach which teaches the sounds and rhythms of the English language. This language arts program, together with standards-based math, science, and social studies programs, form the basis of a vital curriculum that emphasizes understanding and comprehension over rote memorization.

In addition to the core academic curriculum, students are instructed in foreign language, art, music, drama, dance, Hawaiiana, and physical education. The natural curiosity, imagination, and love of learning that children express is valued and nurtured. Learning takes place in an atmosphere that is neither condemning nor competitive, an atmosphere that consistently encourages all to do their best.

We are proud of the character education taught at Carden Academy and our goal is to instill in each student a set of values and virtues to guide them through a lifetime. A strong foundation of academic skills, the development of stamina and self-reliance, and the building of character equip the child for lifelong learning – to live what Mae Carden called “Life Triumphant”.

We offer small class sizes that allow us to provide individualized attention and to promote learning in a positive and creative environment. A pleasant, purposeful atmosphere, filled with an appreciation for beauty “awakens children to the realization that learning is a privilege, an answer to an inner need, and a very interesting adventure.”

I realize that there are many options that are available to you as you seek the best placement for you child. I encourage you to contact the school for more information, and to schedule a tour so that you can experience the qualities that make a Carden education unique.

Again, thank you for your interest. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our school office at 573-6651.

Nina Sato
School Director

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