Head of School

Kristi Bendon

Mrs. Kristi Bendon has enjoyed a varied and accomplished professional career, including over twelve years in the private sector and ten years in education. She feels it is a privilege and honor to serve as the Head of School for Carden Academy of Maui.

After graduating from the University of Colorado with a B.S. in Finance and a B.A. in Spanish, she worked for an international investment bank and for a firm that specializes in sustainable commercial development. Eventually, she went on to help her husband start a sustainability consulting company in Hawaii and served as the Business Manager for many years. She has also worked for, or served on the Board of, various philanthropic organizations. These experiences have provided insight into the opportunities, challenges, and innerworkings of non-profit entities.

Though she enjoyed each of these roles, working in the field of education has been her true passion throughout the years. Mrs. Bendon received teacher training and served as a Graduate Assistant while completing her M.A. in Spanish Literature at the University of Hawaii. She went on to teach AP Spanish and to develop curriculum at a nationally ranked charter school in Colorado, and created project-based learning initiatives in her classrooms at Carden Academy, Seabury Hall, and UH Maui College. Most recently, Mrs. Bendon completed a Graduate Certificate program for School Leadership and Administration from the renowned School of Education at Johns Hopkins University, where her research areas included differentiated learning and building professional learning communities.

Mrs. Bendon is a mission and vision-driven leader. She believes that each child has unique gifts to share with the world and in the power of collaborating with others. She intends to honor Carden’s past, maximize the potential of the present, and cultivate the best possible outcomes for Carden students in the future.

In her spare time, Mrs. Bendon enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, singing, traveling, and exploring the beauty of Maui.