Athletics – Expectations

Expectations for Players:

  • Work to improve your skills
  • Give your best effort and have fun
  • Practice teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Be on time for practices and games
  • Respect your teammates, coaches, parents, opponents, and officials
  • Never argue a call
  • Respect others’ property

Players who display unsportsmanlike conduct towards their teammates, coaches, officials, or opposing team may be asked to sit out of practices or games. Parents may be informed if the degree of conduct so warrants. If the behavior continues, players may ultimately be released from the team.

Expectations for Coaches:

  • Sports is about good sportsmanship, developing skills, giving your best effort, building stamina (both athletic and emotional), and learning about being part of team and making a contribution. Sportsmanship is our goal!
  • Emphasize skill development, positive play, and sportsmanship. Winning is not the only consideration. Provide a safe environment in which your players can develop their skills.
  • Every player participates and playing time should be equitable. However, coaches may consider attendance at practices in making decisions regarding playing time.
  • We do not condone running up the score. If the score becomes largely
    lopsided, coaches should arrange for their team to adjust play accordingly (minimum number of passes, changing positions or players, etc.)
  • You are a role model for the students- teach by example.
  • Be consistent and fair. Coaches have a significant impact on the skill development and enjoyment of the sport by student players. This is a big responsibility and the school supports you in undertaking it. If you have any questions about drills, practice format, team management, individual players, or concerns about any aspect of coaching, please contact athletics director Coach Mason to discuss.
    Coaches who do not abide by the school’s athletics policy or display
    unsportsmanlike conduct towards players, opposing team coaches, or officials may be released from their coaching duties.

Expectations of Parents/Spectators:

  1. Be supportive
  2. Applaud effort and cheer positively
  3. Make sure your child is on time to games and practices
  4. Make sure your child is picked up promptly from practices and games
  5. Be positive and respectful
  6. Address issues promptly with the coach
  7. There is an expectation of positive support from fans at all sporting events. Cheering for both sides is encouraged. Our goal is a positive experience for all involved. All officials and coaches are volunteers and we should appreciate their efforts and support them, setting a good example for the children. Unsportsmanlike or inappropriate spectator behavior will not be tolerated in this environment. This includes but is not limited to: booing, shouting at officials, coaches, or players, and arguing calls. Comments, threats, or obscene gestures are unacceptable. Coaching or refereeing from the sidelines should not occur. Any person who does not behave appropriately will be asked to leave.Please help us foster good sportsmanship and encourage positive experiences.