Core Subjects | Science | Maui Private School Science is one of the core subjects at all grade levels using Delta Education and FOSS science modules, which include hands-on investigations and inquiry-based instruction to master science concepts which correlate with State and National Science Education Standards.



Core Subjects | Math| Maui Private School | Math Graphic | Stock Mathematics is taught using both Singapore Math and Saxon Math™. Singapore Math is a results based program designed to build a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through word problems and concrete illustrations. Saxon Math is designed to promote student success through incremental development, continual practice and review, and ongoing, cumulative assessment.


socialstudiesglobeSocial Studies is taught using a variety of texts covering geography, history, and current events. Students learn to master skills and strategies including: map skills, reading comprehension, critical thinking strategies, writing and research skills, chart and graph skills, and test taking strategies. The program leads students to see how the land shapes lives while providing the knowledge base students need for exceeding the new national standards in geography proficiency.


readingsmallkidsReading is taught simultaneously with writing, spelling, and the fundamentals of grammar. The Carden foundation is phonemic awareness, word attack skills, comprehension, mental imagery, vocabulary development, and rhythm.

Literature is selected appropriately for each grade level and presents enduring ideas and values expressed in beautiful language and vivid imagery, thereby building an awareness of the richness of our language and our heritage.


girlwritingLanguage incorporates Grammar, which Miss Carden called “the key to comprehension.” It covers parts of speech, parts of sentence, verb tenses, and punctuation, and trains the student in analysis and evaluation, as well as in verbal and written expression for the communication of ideas.

Spelling is a unique combination of phonics, listening skills, dictionary marks, clarity of diction, rhythm, and organization. Lessons are taught daily and include sound drills, a vowel chart, rules, word grouping, and recall through mental imagery, not memorization.

Core Subjects | Writing | Maui Private School | PoetryWriting integrates the Carden foundation with the Write Source program, and introduces the students to various forms of writing. Processes including pre-writing, outlining and organizing, revising, and editing are taught using a step-by-step approach. Penmanship (printing and cursive) is an integral part of the elementary curriculum. In middle school, computers are used for the publishing of written works.

Poetry is an essential part of the Carden curriculum. Miss Carden said, “Poetry breathes beauty into the commonplace and lifts the soul.” At each grade level the students learn and recite a variety of poems that appeal to a sense of beauty, values, and humor.