French Flag | Maui Elementary School

French is the language chosen for study by Miss Carden because of the many words in the English language that are of French origin. The study of French grammar structure relates to the study of English as well, giving the student a secure base from which to build. Vocabulary building, songs, games, poetry, and visual aids are important techniques used to infuse joy and confidence in the learning of this foreign language.

Why do you teach French? The study of French enhances the comprehension of English. “” explains, “The invasion of England by William the Conqueror in 1066 and the subsequent 200 years of French conquest resulted in the English language replacing almost half its vocabulary with French words. (In this last sentence, invasion, conqueror, subsequent, result, language, and vocabulary are all borrowings from French.)” In addition to studying the language, the students enjoy learning French music, customs, and culture.


French Teacher
Grades PK – 3

Mrs. Segolene Wilson

Madame Wilson has been teaching French at Carden for more than 10 years.  She is a French national from Bordeaux in Aquitaine, South-West France. Madame Wilson got married on Maui and has active twin boys who keep her running and on her toes.  She strives to keep innovating and creating activities for her students, and regards her days spent teaching at Carden as her vitamin C.


French Teacher
Grades 4 – 5

Ms. Devin Blish