presidentialsealThis year the Presidential Active Lifestyles Award (PALA) will be returning to Carden Academy. We undertook the challenge 2 years ago and many families enjoyed it. Our goal was to become the first school in Hawaii to be recognized as a PALA Model School. We needed 35% of the school’s student population to meet their physical requirements and log their progress. We almost achieved our goal as 30% of our students completed the task.

This year I am sure we can achieve our goal. Although parents are not included in the goal they are welcome to join in and make it a family activity. The program recognizes students and parents who meet the recommended physical guidelines. Students should exercise 1 hour per day 5 days per week and adults should exercise 30 minutes per day 5 days per week. Our students nearly receive the recommended amount of exercise in school each day. The hardest part seems to be filling out the log. We are going to try something new this time around. For Kindergarten through second grade, parents will still need to complete the log at home. Third through Fifth grade students will fill out their logs in school. Middle school students will receive the logs as a P.E. assignment.

Kindergarten through Grade 2 school activity:
Mondays Dance and P.E.= one hour of exercise
Tuesdays P.E.= 30 minutes of exercise
Wednesdays P.E.=30 minutes of exercise
Thursdays P.E.= 30 minutes of exercise
Friday recesses= 30 minutes of exercise

The first tracking period will begin Monday September 5 and continue until Sunday October 30. Keep in mind the time periods are 8 weeks and to qualify, you need to meet the requirement 6 out of the 8 weeks. Good luck everyone I cannot wait to personally congratulate each and every one of you.


Coach Mason

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