Art is an integral part of our program. It provides opportunities for individual, creative expression. We believe the arts are essential to a well-rounded educational experience.  Students explore and experience a wide variety of different mediums, techniques, and genres of art over the course of the year. Students are introduced to art appreciation and art history through discussion of some of the world’s great art and artists.


Art education goes beyond creating visually appealing works;
it’s a channel to cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression,
all of which are fundamental skills that empower students.

At Carden Academy, children engage with a diverse range of mediums throughout the year. They explore art appreciation and history by analyzing some of the world’s most significant artists and their works. In addition, they learn to assess and discuss art using specialized art vocabulary, understand the motivations behind artists from different eras and cultures, and master proper usage and maintenance of art studios and materials.
Using nature as an inspiration, Pre-kindergarten students will develop fine motor skills and art vocabulary while creating with paper, glue, crayons, pastels, pencils, paint, printing, and clay.
Kindergarten through 5th Grade
In Kindergarten through 5th grade, students will explore various themes using different art materials such as drawing media, paint media, paper, collage, and clay. Students will be introduced to different artists and art styles to broaden their knowledge and understanding of art. Through analyzing a variety of works of art, students will gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community, and the world around them helping to develop students’ artistic skills, critical thinking, and cultural awareness.
Middle School
Middle school students will refine their artistic skills using art as inspiration. They will explore drawing, printmaking, painting, and sculpture through various themes.
Every year, our school hosts an exciting art exhibition that showcases the impressive talents of our students. This event provides an opportunity for parents and members of the community to appreciate the stunning creations produced by our students.
In addition, we believe in the power of art to give back to the community. Our students frequently participate in community-based art projects that make a positive impact.
Our dedication to providing a well-rounded art education extends beyond the classroom. Our Art Club is open to students who aspire to delve deeper into their artistic passions. This is a space where young artists can connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate on projects, and explore art in their own unique way.

Carden Academy of Maui is a member of the Carden Educational Foundation, and is accredited by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Our Mission: 
Carden Academy of Maui is committed to educating the whole child through a balance of academic excellence, character development, and enrichment through the arts in a nurturing, small classroom setting.

We are an independent, private school located in the Upcountry Maui area of Pukalani.  Founded in 1998, the school serves children in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8, with a maximum enrollment of 184 students.