“Life is a joy – so should be learning!” 

– Mae Carden

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

Project & Play Based Learning

Early Literacy & Math Skills

Social, Emotional, & Motor Development

The goal of the Pre-Kindergarten program is to welcome the young child who is able to separate easily from parents and ready to learn independently in a school setting. The curriculum is teacher led in a warm and authoritative manner that guides and supports the young students. Entry into school setting focuses on engaging the child’s emerging self-help skills, learning how to follow in a group, following instructions independently and learning to focus on the teacher as leader. The social and emotional aspect of the school setting for the young child is paramount. Great care is taken to support each child to develop their skills while finding his/her place in a group. Speech and communication are essential to the building healthy social connections. Academics are joyfully introduced through a well-planned learning environment that encourages exploration, discovery, and identification of numerals, letters, shapes, colors, prepositions, and more! By offering opportunities for sitting at a table to manipulate (various media) crayons, colored pencils, ink pens, pencils, scissors, and glue, the young students strengthen their emerging fine motor skills.

Pre-K Arts & Enrichments




Hawaiian Studies



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We invite you to learn more about what makes Pre-Kindergarten at Carden Academy an important stepping stone along your child’s path of development.