“Life is a joy – so should be learning!” 

– Mae Carden

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

Early Literacy & Math Skills

Social, Emotional, & Motor Development

The Carden Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) is an inter-related and developmentally appropriate program for the young child. The Carden method fosters the development of your child’s cognitive, language, social/emotional, and physical potential. In addition to enrichment lessons in art, music, French language, Hawaiiana, and yoga, the program also provides a solid foundation for success in kindergarten by offering experience and practice in emerging language and math skills 
Throughout the Pre-K experience, your child will be respected as a unique, individual learner. Mae Carden said, “Each child is an expression of individuality.” The Carden method strives to develop good judgement, independence, stamina, and resilience in every child. By addressing any obstacles that would prevent the child from learning through individual and small group instruction, your child will naturally unfold into an eager, enthusiastic, and independent learner. 
The classroom is a joyous, artistic, academic, child-oriented, and teacher-directed environment designed to develop your child’s full potential. Mae Carden said that the “…classroom maintains a cheery, calm atmosphere in which the student develops powers of concentration and works in a relaxed manner.” 
By providing a balanced daily program of academics and enrichment classes with plenty of opportunities for creative play and free movement, the development of the whole child is nurtured. The schedule of the week and day is planned carefully and rhythmically to include vigorous gross motor exploration outdoors as well as time to develop a relationship with the natural environment. Joyous free play, games, and instruction in the Pre-K play yard foster the health and well-being of each child while providing opportunities to develop a keen interest in the natural world and stewardship of earth. 

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Hawaiian Studies



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