Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in Carden Academy of Maui! We realize that selecting your child’s school is an important and formative family decision. As we celebrate our 22nd anniversary, this is certainly not the year we had anticipated as a school. However, we are prepared for both face-to-face instruction and distance learning, and will pivot if necessary, while maintaining a high-level educational environment whatever the 2020-21 school year may bring.

Carden Academy’s primary goal is to educate the whole child. This is more important than ever as we face a global pandemic, local economic crisis, and engage in critical conversations about race and individuality. We have carefully created a program balanced in academic rigor, enrichment classes, and intentional efforts to develop good character in our students. All of this is carried out with Mae Carden’s philosophy, “Life is a joy; so should be learning!”

Our academic program is based on a classical education method created by renowned educator Mae Carden. This philosophy provides a strong foundation of literacy, language arts, writing, and math skills. In addition, Carden Academy of Maui is proud to offer Project and Inquiry-Based Learning, with special attention given to the development of 21st Century Learning Skills. Students regularly engage in hands-on, cross-curricular projects in the realm of science, math, and social studies.

In addition to the core academic curriculum, students are instructed in foreign language, art, music, drama, dance, Hawaiian Studies, and physical education. We are proud of the character education taught at Carden Academy. Our goal is to instill a set of values and virtues in each student to guide them through a lifetime. We offer small class sizes that allow us to provide individualized attention and to promote learning in a positive and creative environment. The natural curiosity, imagination, and love of learning that children express is valued and nurtured. Learning takes place in an atmosphere that is neither condemning nor competitive, and one that consistently encourages all to do their best.

Our parents often remark how enthusiastic their children are to come to school each morning, and our students are regularly seen smiling throughout the day while in our care. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that this special magic is not displaced during this historic school year. Our planning for this year has most certainly pushed our entire staff to practice the “four C’s” of 21st Century skills: collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. We are proud of our efforts and look forward to continually learning and modeling flexibility for our students this year.

I encourage you to contact the school for more information and to schedule a tour so that you can see for yourself the qualities that make a Carden education unique and joyful.

Again, thank you for your interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact the office with any questions we can help answer.

Kristi Bendon
Head of School