I just wanted you to know how appreciative I am for Carden at this time! All the teachers and Carden staff have been nothing but exceptional. Our son is so happy to go to school everyday and we feel blessed to send him to a safe, fun and caring learning environment. A big Mahalo to all Carden staff for ALL your hard work.
– Emmy Trudell, Parent of a Carden Student

We are beyond impressed with the kind, loving, and nurturing environment of both the staff and students. The school is rigorous, they challenge the students to strive while making learning fun and each student has their own plan to succeed based on needs and capabilities. There is PE four days a week which its only once a week at many schools. She is learning a foreign language, has gardening and her art teacher is super creative. They have music, family nights, monthly virtue assemblies, classrooms are quint, cozy, inviting, and each room has AC on the hot days. Her teacher spends every lunch reading a book to the students. The principal greets each child in the morning and helps them out of the car. I could go on and on but not enough room. As wonderful as I thought the school could be they have far exceed any expectation and we are truly fortunate to have our daughter have this opportunity
-Mitzi Toro, Parent of a Carden Student

Carden’s uniqueness lies in the structure that it provides the students for learning and exploring their world within a safe, nurturing environment.  There is a unity to the program through the works of Mae Carden that gives the students a sense of wonder and encouragement, that challenges each child to achieve his or her best within a small class environment, and an emphasis on the integration of learning. All of this is punctuated with respect for others and service to the community.  One only needs to spend a short time on the campus to understand why Carden is such a wise choice for a growing child.
-Lehn Huff, (former) Carden Board of Directors

I love teaching at Carden Academy. It is exciting to be part of a program which, in addition to a strong academic curriculum, develops the whole child through education in the arts, character development, and citizenship. The small class sizes are conducive to this, and also allow the teacher to meet the individual needs of each student. It is an ideal learning environment, and there is a wonderful sense of community among the families and staff. I am privileged and proud to be part of the Carden ‘ohana.
-Barbara Rudow, (former) 6th Grade Teacher

There are so many reasons that I love teaching at Carden Academy. It is hard to limit myself to just one, but a small class size is definitely at the top of my long list. A small class allows me to get to know each student personally. This type of relationship offers the opportunity to be invested in each child’s academic successes as well as their personal triumphs. The students feel valued, which truly builds a sense of community in the classroom. It is such a nice place to be and I would not want to be anywhere else.
-Christie Leval, 3rd Grade Teacher

I love teaching at Carden because it is a family, from administration to faculty, to parents and students. Our goal is to allow each student a place where they can thrive educationally and socially while still being able to be a child. Each day is a new adventure that I embark upon with enthusiasm!
-Tracey Takase, 8th Grade Advisor & Middle School Math Teacher

Dax has been going to Carden since Kindergarten. I have witnessed firsthand the love and support that is given to my son by every member of this ‘Ohana. They have slowly molded him into this smart, caring, considerate, and happy individual. When they say they care first about your child and second about everything else, they are not kidding. I know that he truly feels that there is nothing that he cannot do, and that has spilled over into his life outside of school too. Thank you Carden for giving so much to Dax and truly making him a better person. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Maui is truly blessed to have such a wonderful school for our children to grow up in.
-Kyla Barker, Parent of a (former) Carden Student

Carden Academy is the definition of a perfect private school. While attending three wonderful years at Carden, I was encouraged to become the enthusiastic student I am today. My favorite part about Carden was the student to teacher ratio because I was able to have much more one-on-one time with my teachers than I would have had in a public school. Carden will forever remain in my memories as a wonderful school where knowledge is the seed of life.
-Devon T. Fleck, Carden Alumnus

I attended Carden Academy from first grade through fifth grade and I loved every minute of my education there. All of my teachers challenged me to do my best, while making learning interesting and fun. Classes were small, so my classmates were like my family. I really appreciated Carden’s balance of academics, physical activity, and the arts. Likewise, Carden did not overwhelm me with homework after school, so I had the free time to be with my family and to just be a kid. In sixth grade, I went on to Seabury Middle School and was able to make a smooth transition to fulfill Seabury’s high academic standards, because Mrs. Mori, my fifth grade teacher at Carden, had prepared me to always strive for academic excellence. 
-Jeremy Morton, Carden Alumnus

Our granddaughter Devon attended Carden Academy for 6th through 8th grades. Carden helped prepare her for her acceptance into Seabury Hall, which was Devon’s #1 priority. I highly recommend Carden to any parent considering enrolling their child in the school. Carden Academy offers each and every child a wonderful curriculum.
-Gloria J. Fleck, Grandmother of Carden Alumnus

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